The Tortoise & The Hairless Pet Services
  •  Our services are available in and around the Greater Vancouver area & the Fraser Valley
  •  Anthony & Rachael are experienced pet professionals 
  • We offer pet care services for all pet types
  • Rachael is our Certified Groomer
  • We groom dogs, cats, & small animals
  • ​Anthony & Rachael are trained in Pet First Aid
  • In home maintenance grooming available 
  • We are devoted to the highest quality care of your pet
  • Each service is customizable to individual needs 
  •  Our safe and reliable delivery service will transport any pet to and from their appointments
!Taking Care Of Pets Is What We Know

The Tortoise & The Hairless was created by Anthony and Rachael in 2015, built with the idea of providing services for your pet, in the comfort of their home. Your established routine is our main priority, each visit is customized for this reason. We create a fun and relaxing environment for your pet, with respect for their space in mind. When you choose The Tortoise & The Hairless Pet Services you will experience a one on one, personal relationship with the owners and operators.
We have professional experience administering medications, including insulin injections, oral injections, & more. Our Certified Pet Groomer has experience working with small and exotic animals, she can even clip their nails. Photos and videos of your pet's care experience can be updated to you live through email or TXT. 

Anthony and Rachael are the owners and operators of The Tortoise & The Hairless Pet Services, they have spent years working and living together, training and caring for animals on a personal and professional level. They have a large rescue pet family, including dogs, reptiles, ferrets, amphibians, a large tortoise & more. Anthony and Rachael have traveled all over North America with their rescued pet family, residing in California and Las Vegas at one point, where they spent much time focusing on off leash, and distance training. Anthony and Rachael intend to open an animal sanctuary in the future, to help educate the public on proper care for animals in need of rescue.

Anthony has been around dogs since birth, he was raised with heavy involvement along side his Keeshond family show dogs. His early exposure to large breed dogs, like Akitas, prepared him with much of the experience, and knowledge he uses today. Anthony has been professionally handling dogs for many years, using every opportunity to positively train the dog. He uses many training tools and tactics, with the well being of your dog in mind. Anthony recognizes the body language of dogs, to properly address behavioural issues. Anthony's number one training method is a positive experience for your pet. Anthony's first rescue was a troubled case dog, Buffy, who was found in a dumpster. She was somewhat feral, and had already bounced through several homes before finding Anthony. 12 years later, with Anthony's patience and dedication, that once aggressive dog has become a social butterfly, with the human and animal interaction she deserves. 

Rachael has been caring for animals since she was a little girl, by 10 years old, she was responsible for several breeds of rodents, and amphibians, followed by aquatics, cats, and dogs as she gained experience. Rachael enjoyed the company of animals so much, she soon started cat, dog, and fish sitting for neighbours, away on vacation. Before Rachael reached high school, she raised tadpoles into adulthood, and salmon fry, to be release into the wild. Eventually, Rachael entered into professional pet care positions working with well known pet product companies, & rescues. She found great pleasure in adopting rescue animals into loving new families. Rachael's position in animal care managment unlocked her passion for educating the public, through focusing on the proper treatment, housing, and care of animals. Rachael spent much of her professional career adjusting pets to human interaction, hand training parrotlets, rats, dogs, and other small animals. Rachael specializes in care for reptiles, her first rescue was an improperly housed uromastyx in poor health, who with a lot of love and patience, has grown into a large, healthy, hand trained, and adventurous critter! Her professional experience with caring for pets, especially abandoned animals, ultimately led to her decision to enroll in grooming school. She graduated with high honours in 2016.