Rates & Services:

All of our services are customizable to your needs. For pet parents who require lengthy visits, extended vacations, or have multiple fur family members, we offer a low hourly rate

Dog Daycare:

$12.00 / hour, one pet
$15.00 / hour, 2 or more pets 
$30.00 / full day, one pet
$40.00 / full day, 2 or more pets

$5.00 / each additional dog after

Our dog daycare is perfect for homes that are left empty for long hours during the day. Your dog will be busy stretching paws, and have structured play time. Have your dog returned well exercised, never left kenneled. Great for busy households with work and school. Pick up times, drop off times, and destinations are customizable to your schedule & included in the daycare price (if you're in Mission, or a small fuel fee outside)
We cap our daycare rates at $30-40.00 depending on your routine.  

Dog Training:
Our trainers specialize in what most in the dog world would
refer to as the difficult cases. With over 3 decades of combined,
hands on experience, there is no case we will refuse. We work
with all breeds and sizes, training everything from the smallest
of toy breeds, to the largest of the giants. Training ranges from
basic commands, puppy obedience, socializing, distraction
training, leash walking, with reactive & troubled cases accepted.
Please contact for customized packages & rates. ​​

Dog Walking, Potty Breaks:

$12.00 / hour, one pet
$15.00 / hour, 2 or more pets

Our dog day adventures are perfect for stretching paws, and structured play time. Have your dog returned well exercised, never left kenneled. Our services are perfect for busy households with work and school. Pick up times, drop off times, and destinations are customizable to your schedule.
Price varies on dog's exercise needs.
Buddy walks available for socialization requests, $3.00 additional fee applies.  
Dog House Sitting:

Start @ $15.00 / visit, one visit
Start @ $13.00 / visit, 2 visits
Start @ $12.00/ visit, 3 visits

Our dog sitting is perfect for seniors, low anxiety, relaxed, and like minded pooches. Our in home service offers a customizable experience, so your dog's routine is maintained. The basics cover, bathroom breaks, feeding, water change, clean dishes, poop removal, structured play time, medication, and a medication log if requested. There is no additional fee for administering medication. We will retrieve mail, and water plants if needed.
Pick-Up & Drop-Off Services:
We offer pick-up & drop-off services for your pet's appointments, even other daycares and grooming salons! Price varies, for a quote, please contact us today. 

View our Groomer Gallery for more photos

Basic Grooming:
Nail Clips Start @ $8.00

Nail Dremel Start @ $10.00 
Teeth Cleaning Start @ $15.00 
Brush Without Bath Start @ $15.00 (dematting fees may apply)

Grooming Spa Packages:
Bath & Brush Start @ $30.00
Packages include full cleaning of ears, teeth, anal glands, nail clipping, brush, & bath
Full Groom & Style Start @ $40.00
Packages include full cleaning & a cut/trim. Price based on size, coat type, and cut style.
Please contact us for quote.

Massage Packages:
Each package includes application of natural lotions and oils, specially formulated for your pet, to help keep their paws, nose, & ears healthy.

Paw Massage Start @ $5.00
Paw massages are great for puppies & dogs new to the grooming room, or dogs that do not like their nails clipped.
Head & Leg Massage Start @ $10.00
This package is perfect for dogs who love a great ear rub, and are on their feet for most of the day. Also great for dogs who are nervous for clippers & nail trims. 
Full Body Massage Start @ $15.00
Body massages provide comfort to puppies & dogs new to the grooming room. These packages are a great way to help a senior dog relax and enjoy their spa day. Price varies based on size and package. Great for senior pets and puppies!

Complete your pampered pooch spa package by adding any massage package, and receive 50% off the massage of your choice!

**Upon request we offer in home grooming for your convenience, like nail clipping and full grooms. We bring all the supplies, and you provide the appropriate space. No more waiting for pick up times, or the stress some dogs experience from cages. Grooming in home can provide the comfort and security your dog appreciates in their own space.**

The Tortoise & The Hairless Pet Services does not discriminate against breeds, size, or intact/unspayed dogs. We care for dogs of all shapes, sizes, and temperaments.