Take a look through some of the surrendered, rescued
& adopted animals currently under our care. Your donation helps with the many supplies needed to
keep these animals properly cared for. 



Dogs, like Bella, are on our Surrender list. Bella is a Catahoula X, weighing about 60lbs, with a very healthy appetite. She loves to chew, and goes through many chew toys and bones. Your donations will help keep Bella healthy, full and well taken care of. 

Some items to help with Bella are:
Head Halti/Front Clasp Harness
Food/Treats (restictions apply)
Durable Toys


 *RIP Bluebell*
you will always be a part of our hearts*

Bluebelle is a ferret with insulinoma, she requires 2 daily doses of medication. Due to her condition she requires special attention. Your donations help with monthly expenses like medication and food.

Some items to help with Bluebelle are:
Water Bottles
Kitty Litter (restrictions apply)
Food/Treats (restictions apply)


Cosmo is a bearded dragon. Like many reptiles, Cosmo was in need of a forever home. Someone purchased this animal without doing the research on how to care for them. Cosmo was not doing well under this person's care, so they decided to surrender them to us. Your donations will help keep Cosmo fed on healthy vegetation and a variety of bugs.
Some items to help with Cosmo are:
Play Sand
Gut load food


Finn & Ghost are ferrets with big personalities! These ferrets were surrendered to us when their owners could no longer care for them. These animals require special attention on a daily basis in order to be properly cared for. Your donations help with supplies that keep these animals healthy and happy!
Some items to help with Finn & Ghost are:
Water Bottles
Kitty Litter (restrictions apply)
Food/Treats (restictions apply)



Kiwi was came to us when her previous owner could no longer find housing to allow her dog. She was very overweight and needed many hours of training when she first arrived.
Thanks to your donations, Kiwi's teeth have significantly improved. With continued upkeep, and a healthy diet, her teeth should remain in good condition. 
Some items to help with Kiwi are:
Treats/Foods (restrictions apply)


Minnie came from a very loving family, but due to the house having many small children, and Minnie having a bad habbit of biting fingers, she ended up being surrended to us. She requires quite a bit of maintenance to keep her coat properly cared for. Your donation keeps her happy and healthy.
Some items to help with Minnie are:
Pee Pads
Training Tools
Treats/Food (restrictions apply)
Grooming Supplies


Zoidberg is one of our many surrendered hermit crabs: given to us when their owner could no longer sleep due to the noise of their shells at night. These animals require a very specific environment to be cared for properly, they are a complex animal, requiring much knowledge to ensure a long life. 
Some items to help with Zoidberg and our other hermit crabs are:
Coconut Dirt/Eco Earth
Water Conditioner
Food/Treats (restrictions apply)
Enclosure Decorations
Live Plants
Sea Sponges/Live Moss