Small Animals & Birds

Rates & Services:

​All of our services are customizable to your needs. For pet parents who require lengthy visits, extended vacations, or have multiple fur family members, we offer a low hourly rate

Small Animal & Birds Sitting:

Start @ $15.00 / visit, one visit
Start @ $13.00 / visit, 2 visits
Start @ $12.00 / visit, 3 visits

Customized to your needs, prices may vary.
If you're going away on vacation, you can rely on us! Our in home service offers a customizable experience, so your small animal or bird's routine is maintained. We care for rats, gerbils, chinchillas, ferrets, bunnies, parrotlets, and more! The basics cover, turning lights on and off, temperature control, feeding, water change, clean dishes, replacement of chewing blocks/cuttlebone, medication, and a medication log if requested. There is no additional fee for medication. You can always customize your routine, as we understand the uniqueness of your pet. We will retrieve mail, and water plants if needed.

Small Animal Grooming:
Nail Clip Start @ $8.00

Grooming Packages Start @ $20.00 (brush, dematting, nail clipping, etc.)

Full Enclosure Cleaning Services:

Please contact us for a quote.
We understand the big job invloved in cleaning an enclosure. Did you remember your protective face mask, for debris? Are you sure your cleaning your enclosure properly? No need to worry about keeping your pet's home clean, that's what we're for! Our full enclosure cleaning service is custom designed to your needs, and offers the basics of cleaning including: pet removal into a safe holder, removal and disposal of substrate, removal and sanitization of decos, glass and walls cleaned, new substrate replaced provided by you, and the safe return of your pet to their sparkly clean home. Our prices vary depending on enclosure size, amount of occupants, substrate used, and more. Partial cleans for bioactive enclosures is available. 
Pick-Up & Drop-Off Services:
We offer pick-up & drop-off services for your pet's appointments. Price varies, for a quote, please
contact us today.