​​The Tortoise & The Hairless Pet Services offers a unique opportunity to host an unforgettable event.  You'll find yourself up close and personal with many animals that were once in need of a forever home.

Parties & Events

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Invite a piece of nature into your home with a THPets PARTY! Host an event that stands out from others, and is a great opportunity to learn about UNIQUE animals. 
THPets Parties:
Our displays feature aprox. 10 animals including mammals, and reptiles like:
-Finn & Ghost: the hilarious & loveable ferret duo, who needed a forever home when their owners found themselves unemployed and unable to feed them. 
-Chloe: our 45lb sulcata tortoise, who was surrendered to a vet due to injury, & adopted by us after she outgrew the vet office and damaged some very expensive equipment.
-Metzi: ​a xoloitzcuintle.. ah what?!? a hairless dog! She loves to do neat tricks, like high jumping! She was in need of a forever home during Hurricane Sandy, or "Superstorm Sandy", a deadly & destrcutive hurricane of 2012. The storm caused an estimated damage of $75 Billion USD.
.... & many more!
$150.00/ hour
$220.00/ 2 hours
​$65.00/ each additional hour
Feeding Displays:
Get hands on in helping to feed and care for some of these animals. Ever wonder what the inside of a tortoise mouth looks like? Do they have teeth? How do they eat? Want to see the creepy crawlies some of these animals love to gobble up?
Our live feeding displays showcase a variety of demonstrations, depending on the feeding cycle of the animals and the day you book. This event features aprox. 10 animals, with several demonstraitons including mammals, and reptiles like:
-Europa: a gorgeous butter motley corn snake, who's favourite treats are frozen thawed mice. Find out how an animal with such a small head, and no hands, can gulp down such a large item!
-Cosmo: our bearded dragon, who was surrendered due to an assortment of reasons, loves to eat all sorts of interesting looking foods. Have you ever seen a bearded dragon open their mouth?
-Deadpool: a beautiful Brazillian rainbow boa that loves to chow down on frozen thawed mice. Watch this amazing creature swallow prey whole, in a truly mesmerizing process.
.... & many more!




Day Events & Weekend Expos

& Info

We offer day long rates for educational opportunities like daycares, schools & expos. These rates include more animals within the display, aprox. 15. Group settings are a great way to teach people about animal handling, conservation, sustainability, local wildlife, invasive species, and proper husbandry of many types of animals. We often feature animals that are in need of a new home and adoptable by us or local, trusted rescues.
$350.00/ day
$500.00/ weekend​​

How To Book

To book your reservation contact:
[email protected]
​604 703 3248


All bookings require a deposit to save & confirm the reservation date.
​Live displays are often different to allow rest for animals. 
Tax included in price. Payment options are available.
Fuel Fee may apply.